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I've just discovered Flow State, a human curated newsletter sent out Mon-Fri recommending two hours of music that's perfect for working. It's free, but if you pay you get extra features:

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Fediverse projects shouldn't be limited by clout and marketing

I had no followers 2 years ago

Never underestimate the underdog and where you came from

2020 is our year

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I thoroughly enjoyed Jamie Bartlett's podcast 'The Missing Crypto Queen'.
The 8 episodes pulls at the loose strings behind the 'crypto currency' OneCoin, and is a great example of investigate journalism in podcast form.

So I'm guessing, the reason why we have been trying to, and still are trying, is because humans at gates find it hard to comply. It's easy to confirm on any flight (:

easyJet and Gatwick airport has been trialling a new boarding process: "One challenge in any controlled boarding process is our ability to communicate the pattern to passengers and the willingness of passengers to comply."

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Holy shit, Samsung Smart TVs straight up send "snippets" of things that you watch back home to "to provide you with customized Smart TV experiences".

Search that page for the text: "Your Smart TV transfers video snippets or TV tuner information in order to determine the programs watched."


Result is that nobody needs to wonder about who is boarding when from where and in which order. I should've taken some photos, but boarding went so fast I didn't have time to get some. Everybody liked that.

Schiphol provided an example of good boarding process. Area at gate big enough to accommodate all passengers. Clearly marked lines for priority and regular mortal flyers, and finally, info over PA about boarding procedure 10mins in advance. This was a @KLM flight.

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"I got a camera and it doesn't have a phone!"

- My niece after opening my gift to her which was a Instax camera 😂

Yes: Looking forward to attending my 2nd IWC, and this time in the city I live in.

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Dear Santa,

I've been a good project all year, my list is short and sweet like Mrs.Claus!

- S3 Support
- Stories
- Instagram Import


Some bastards stole my bike from within our property last weekend. I'm now perusing eBay and Gumtree for bike listings to see if my bike comes for sale there.
Reported it to the police, but not much to do about it. No witnesses, no CCTV footage, nothing left behind.
If you are in London and you see a Trek District bicycle with a carbon belt drive, please let me know. I'm hoping to be reunited with my bike

Just watched the last episode of "Inside Bill's Brain", and I'm left with one question. How many glasses frames does Bill Gates chew through in a year?

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Imagine being able to work on a passion project for a year without having to worry about finances.

This is a dream, I can find another job but I can't buy the support and progress that Pixelfed has!

Y'all mean a lot to me, and together we will build a better photo sharing alternative ❤️

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