Checking out Mastodon for the first time in around a year, and wow: the interface and options have come a long way. I'm ready to give this place another go into 2019.

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I'm moving! After a wonderful 5½ years in San Francisco, I'm going to New York City, around the end of this month.

I'll be doing the Summer 2 batch at Recurse Center, starting July 5. If you're in the city, hit me up! (And please help me find a place.)

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Did you know? Clouds are formed from the evaporated tears of many thousands of network and systems admins

Started and finished What Remains Of Edith Finch last night. Outstanding experience, beautifully done.

If you liked it, you may like their previous (and only other) game, The Unfinished Swan. It's much simpler by comparison, but it's beautiful and has some great ideas.

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King of the Starcraft

"You must construct additional propane grills"
"We require more propane gas"
"We require more propane accessories"

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We're looking for a new Comms Director! 😀 Know anyone who is qualified and wants to help tell the world about Tor? 🤓 Please help us spread the word. 👍

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Before you even think about bashing FF8 realize that it represents the pinnacle of weapons technology for the entire series

on my linux laptop in a room full of government proto-executives

a NIST Special Publication is not a suicide pact

Good points from @alex_gaynor on why forward secrecy is the most important property for secure communications:

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So Chrome Developer tools has a feature where you can throttle the network to test under various network conditions.

I tried loading my Mastodon timeline page under "Regular 2G (300ms, 250kb/s, 50kb/s".

59 requests, 3.6 MB transferred, Finish 3.6 minutes, DOMContentLoad 1.5 minutes, Load 2.0 minutes.

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