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Root shell on the GoPro Fusion 2.00 beta FW courtesy of evilwombat's precompiled statically linked busybox telnetd binary ;)

Linux a9s 3.10.71 #1 PREEMPT Fri Feb 23 13:50:50 PST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

Fun fact: On the 2.00 Fusion Beta firmware update autoexec.ash is enabled, maybe I can bump a bit the bit-rate so video is clearer on low light.

Trump can simultaneously win the War on Drugs AND pay for the wall in little under a year (1.6b $ per 3 months, gives 6.4b $ after a full 12m):

Apparently they make fake NodeMCU ESP8266s and I got one. Not bad for 4 bucks tho.

Ever wake up and see photos of Donald Trump with fast food on an elegant table and a portrait of Abraham Lincoln behind him on Twitter.

So uh... People’s Mujahedin of Iran terror group financed 80% of the Vox campaign during the 2014 European elections

Windows 10 has the worse optimization I've seen so far daamn

¿Las estrellas fugaces de la app del tiempo cuentan?

Multi cultural money slangs can lead to:
5 Benjamins are 1 bin laden

I like how the progression of climate change becomes evident with Google photos rediscover this day feature

Data from his own administration and El Chapo say that drugs are smuggled through legal ports of entry, what more evidence does he need‽

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