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Sup everyone, this account will post some Antifascist Black Metal, personal rants and other stuff. Feel free to chat.

Oi pessoal, esta conta vai postar Black Metal Antifascista, queixas pessoais e outras coisas. Fiquem livres de entrar em contato.

Hola gente, esta cuenta va a postear Black Metal Antifascista, quejas personales y otras cosas. Siéntanse libres de chatear.

I never thought I would find a mocking band, RABM version. What really killed me was "Wanking with a Thesaurus in a Bardo Methodology Interview Doesn't Conceal Your Fascist Bullshit".

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I cant believe some people go to work and dont feel like they are being forcibly removed from their life for 8+ hours

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This pride month we need to bring back throwing bricks at cops. It’s not even a question it’s a moral obligation

If I knew how to play the guitar well and handle the distortions (might be talking crap), I wish I could get the same sound as Ysyry Mollvün.

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At the NixOS meetup:

Who previously used ArchLinux and at some point changed to NixOS?

almost all hands raised

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monkey pox? yeah, im glad the market is crashing for those freaking ape jpegs am i right! because it was a freaking plague!

One thing I love from Bandcamp is that when you really want to find something new, you really find interesting stuff, like this:

Kind of reminds me of Mulla, not as on a similar sound but on a folk/black metal blend style.

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24 May 1921 the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti began the US in a world-famous trial that would execute two Italian immigrants with no real evidence other than their anarchist beliefs

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Parabéns , você foi jantado no seu própio espaço. Sério, eu acreditava no Ciro antes de 2020, mas o cara não consegue, tá pior que o Russomano.

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Hello world...this is an experimental account for, soon to be a home for article notifications and more, we we get it all figured out. #introductions

Bueno, hay alza en los combustibles y ahora llegan a valer más de un rojo. Pero el GLP bajó. Convertir el Almera a gas fue la mejor inversión de toda mi vida, en serio. Ni el TEC valió tanto la pena.

Watching Twin Peaks made me look through the map. And finding out that most of the stuff is on the northwest, came to mind.

Cleansing is kind of the stuff you just want to hear and feel while sitting outside during a storm.

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