I wanted the saxophone to fill my Street Fighter void but I miss competition/feedback

I think other games are too transitory. It's nice to be good at something. Bunk when something affirming for you changes fundamentally

If you're interested in fighting games I would recommend Melee or Poker

Today at work I was happy when an older colleague asked me about meditating. "Big market in wellbeing", he said.

Yesterday I ate 3.5g of psilocybin mushrooms and watched a video of a person fishing. Today I would like to go fishing but that is not my job, for which I am remorseful.

Today I got stood up. Afterwards I went to see the band Deerhunter. Tomorrow I will see Moose.

This morning I went to Richmond park to see deer.
Now I am on a train to Brighton where I will see Moose.

Last night I got stoned and thought about sexuality. I listened to the Ape Escape soundtrack and tidied my room.

I have a meeting with a disgruntled stakeholder in 15 minutes. I have ingested a moderate measure of CBD oil to remain composed. To avoid being so relaxed I might upset him further I am chewing nicorette.

I hope that I will now have the capacity to use this platform to trade intimacies with friends old and new instead of using it like Hm what would funny man on forum say.

Hello. Travelling for work is making me lonelier and weirder so I am going to interact with others online.


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