Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.


@JPEG please do not let it; some of us very much appreciate what you are doing. “Perfect” will always beängstige goal, and so will be pleasing all, but I for one am happy to pay for my Mastodon client, and I look forward to Mast’s continued evolution.

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@JPEG as to the screenshot issue: in my experience, an acknowledgement of one’s own error and a heartfelt apology in public do go a long way to take off the edge of criticism. Correcting the error is good, but without a statement, it often gives off a “sorry I got caught” vibe I would assume to be at odds with your intentions (judging from your feed).

@kopischke That's very kind of you, thank you! I've got a lot planned and hoping it's a joy to use as it goes on. And that's great advice which I'll take onboard and consider and see how things turn out.

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