Bielefeld leistet sich über 500.000€ pro Jahr für Microschrott Lizenzgebühren. Geld, welches sinnvoller investiert werden könnte:

I have asked a #linux iwlwifi developer who works at #intel about this in private email. Here's my question and their response:

Q: A public changelog for the firmware would be very valuable to us in
cases such as this. I can't find one -- is this available anywhere?

A: Nope.

(To be clear, I am complaining about the company in general for its decision not to publish a changelog, not this particular developer who has helped me with diagnosing driver bugs in the past.)

Want to replace Google's Android? Sailfish OS !

Praised by Noah / Destination Linux episode 137.

Noah J. Chelliah (Linux Action Show, Ask Noah, Destination Linux) gave the premium Linux mobile operating system SailfishOS a spin.

Sailfish OS is derived from the legendary MeeGo (Nokia) now tailored by another Finnish company Jolla.


Original ==>
#Sailfish #Jolla #DestinationLinux #Linux #LinuxMobile @DestinationLinux @dasgeek @TuxDigital


Um weiter zu wachsen und im Oktober ein großes Klimacamp mitten in Berlin am Start zu haben, brauchen wir euch! 261 Rebell*innen haben beim Crowdfunding schon zusammengelegt. Kommen wir heute noch auf 300? #ExtinctionRebellion #Klimanotstand #Klimakrise


Die Batterieforscher bei haben neue entwickelt, die 5x länger halten, höhere Kapazität haben, schneller laden und fast kein mehr benötigen. Oh, und die Forschungsergebnisse und Zusammensetzung der Zellchemie sind lizenziert (CC BY 4.0)

"Aus Gründen" beschäftige ich mich gerade neu mit Messengern und insbesondere der "Tauglichkeit für Endbenutzer" (Endbenutzer = Nicht-IT-Menschen).

Ich finde, dass Wire komplett unterschätzt wird.

Client und Server sind Open-Source-Software.

Funktionierender Multidevice Support.

Sehr einfache Handhabung.

Interessante Funktionen, die andere Messenger nicht haben.


Kernteam in Europa (Zug, Schweiz und Berlin, Deutschland).

Bin beeindruckt.

So I woke up in Sydney this morning to see a stream of lovely supportive messages, helpful suggestions, reports of typos, broken links, etc. (all fixed now), and 11 patrons and €144/month in patronage on our first day for Small Technology Foundation ( to support our work on Site.js (, Better (, and Tincan (

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m quite moved and feeling reinvigorated by your support.


“Web browser Brave hands evidence to Irish data regulator alleging Google uses hidden webpages to pass personal data of users to advertisers, undercutting GDPR”

Tiny fines are pointless. Make it a massive fine and actual jail time for the people responsible. Perhaps then they’ll listen and maybe, just maybe, start giving a shit.

🛠️ Let's get back to work 🛠️

🌟 New translations
🌟 New howto site theme
🌟 Working out some internal procedures
🌟 Red Pill - ConverseJS theme (xmpp webchat)
🌟 Diaspora addon on hubzilla - the struggle continues

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anarchist falls through window, a sordid little incident

everything's on tape, in glorious dolby mono

@mxlinux hey MXantiXmastodoX distro rollers, if I may ask you about frugal and persistence stuff here that'd be nice (and easier than joining your forum or facebook).

The persistence files are either root or home, or both in one? They can't be split up, mixed or otherwise used on the fly, right? As in one file with libreoffice and GIMP, another with video and medie editors etc. Is that possible or even practical?

if I'm gonna sacrifice solarized IDE eye candy in (or ) for 3-400+ mb RAM and who knows how many CPU spins for editing what is basically just text files

...and finds that seems slim and fine but does takes some fiddling getting filesystem navigation, session search/replace, shortcuts, terminal and git hooks, fullscreen, autocomplete talk .md, .yaml, .css, .javascr....setup.

...isn't that basically a sign that the time for is now?

:wq! :whatvr

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