I'm looking for a programmer who'd like to learn Rust. I'm preparing a workshop and need to beta-test it with someone (takes 4 hours, online via screen sharing should be fine). Let me know if you're interested!

@kornel that sounds awesome! I don't know if I'd qualify since I've already written, like, Euclid's algorithm and a color gradient generator in Rust in 2017 and 2018

@kornel Hi! I saw you favorited my status. Would you like me to beta-test your workshop?

@kornel Sounds great. I have not written pure C in 8 years. Objective-C / C++ more recently. I’ve installed Rust, but haven‘t found the time to read the intro, write anything yet.

I have worked as a programming mentor at university (Java / Python) and may be able to provide constructive feedback.

@kornel I see you've already got volunteers; but in case you still need more then I'm in. Perhaps it would be possible to get useful feedback even by passively following the session or a watching recording. (Writing C everyday since forever, no practical Rust experience here)

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