For I've got the shortest and coolest domain name:

In your browser type<crate name> and you'll get instant crate info or keyword search.

@kornel Thank you for that. I've been using it for a few days as replacement and quite like it!

@kornel oh that's a smart rename, I loved this thing under the previous name too

@kornel Nice site!

Though when you mention keyword search support, my mind immediately jumps to asking for OpenSearch support. That'll let my web browser (eventually) do something interesting with it!

Though regardless keyword search is a very handy feature.

@alcinnz I've got opensearch definition too. Did it work for you?

@kornel Sorry, I was on my phone and didn't see.

How about an "application/atom+xml" endpoint for search? Ideally with <relevance:score> elements (

I'm wanting to combine search results from multiple sources, and without the former ask I can't do much better than Searx.

@alcinnz I'm getting an error opening that link (parked domain/invalid tls). I could add more, but I don't know what supports it, so not sure how to test whether it works.

@kornel I understand.

In which case I advise you to follow me and I'll eventually implement something for you test against.

I thankfully have something to test against on my end!

@alcinnz Yup, this one works. Is there a client/browser/website that uses this?

@kornel Unfortunately I don't know of anything else other than my own plans.

But if you want something to emulate, GeoNetwork's a great example.

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