It looks like the maintainer of the base64 #Rust crate broke all code using the rust-bitcoin #Bitcoin Core RPC client to run on #Debian.

Trivial crates like base64 have a single job: don't change.


@stevenroose 👏 :classiclol: I saw this coming yesterday when I noticed bitwarden_rs had multiple versions of base64 in its dependency tree

how hard is it to make a base64 library people?

The base64 crate "requires Rust v1.31 or higher". WTF. How can one not have base64 code that works on all #Rust versions...

@stevenroose Rust 1.31 fixed usability problems of modules, and the base64 crate chose to use the newer syntax internally.
The oldest Rust version that is officially supported by the Rust team is 1.37.0.

Well, that's a big part of the problem. How can a team developing a systems programming language abandon each release after a few months..

@stevenroose The idea is that the compiler is backwards-compatible and automatically updates, so you never have a reason to stay on an old version.
It's exactly the same thinking as the change from the Internet Explorer upgrade model to Chrome upgrade model.

@kornel The flipside is that when your codebase is v1.19-compliant, you get a heckton of warnings printed about all kinds of things being deprecated.
But well, backwards compatibility is of course awesome. But there are reasons to stay on an older release, though: github.com/marshallpierce/rust

@stevenroose Rust ecosystem doesn't support Debian, sorry. You will have *endless* pain if you try to use Debian's unsupported Rust versions. It's rustup-or-nothing.


@stevenroose At Cloudflare we use Debian, but make our own Rust .deb.

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