Is there any "sqlite killer"?

I mean a reliable data store, sql or not, which can be _painlessly_ integrated into an application?

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@kornel SQLite isn't super painless but its close as it gets right now IMO. Details of the filesystem make it very difficult to do datastore's reliably.

@peregrine I mean it's already wonderful compared to a real RDBMS that needs separate daemons, configs, ports, credentials, and can't be rsync-ed around.

@peregrine I should probably just use Postgres, but I can't be bothered to deal with PGDATA ever again.

@kornel TBH this is why I'm okay for paying for managed services when not using sqlite.

@kornel I've tried out DBM recently and was surprised how far you can get with it. It has many successors, like LMDB.

@kornel not even close, I don't think, but I'm very keen to learn about any project that gets anywhere near sqlite's level of quality

@kornel SQLite was the most painless of anything I tried.

@kornel for a souped up DBM which is painless (compared to LMDB, for example) I liked Tokyo/Kyoto cabinet:

I haven't used it in a few years, though.

@kornel today I stumbled upon a new in-process KV store, and remembered about this thread, so here goes: — note that I haven't tested it at all, looks neat on paper, claims that can be used from C even when implemented in Rust.

@reto My application is heavily multi-threaded, and all the threads spend 99% of time waiting for sqlite. Sqlite is extremely annoying with concurrent writes.

@kornel if "reliable" is one of your criteria.... why would you want to replace it? reliability can only come when something has been broken and fixed over and over, and it's a lot easier to get that with something popular

@Kornel @Adrian Cochrane There's always Berkeley DB with the SQL interface. No experience with it myself though.
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