Looks like in GCC is progressing nicely:

If you know , consider helping out.

@kornel oh, what is this project about? Adding rust compilation function to GCC?

Then, am I asking why? / What is the intend of that?
We have rustc as a fully functional compiler, why do we need rust compilation implemented in C in GCC? 🤔

@rugk It is a reimplementation of Rust using GCC suite. It will enable use of Rust on platforms that LLVM doesn't support, easier bootstrapping, LLVM-free Linux build, and a second implementation to test against to avoid "bug-compatible" behaviors. It may also eventually have better perf/fewer bugs than LLVM.

@rugk @kornel Another use case is cross-language link time optimization (LTO) which is required for performant integration of Rust into legacy C/C++ codebases. Currently that can only be done when compiling the C/C++ part with Clang.

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