Software that has prompts with “Yes” and “Not now” options shows an awful disregard for consent. I immediately know I have no choice and the prompt is just to wear me down and blame it on me for “agreeing”.

Related dark pattern is where the answers are “Yes/No”, but answering “No” makes it keep asking over and over again, while “Yes” is immediate and forever (like nagging for data sharing).

@kornel related: apps that only lost you "snooze" notifications for a period of time. that's what finally made me quit using FB Messenger

@kornel WhatsApp is doing this to me right now.
"We're updating our terms and conditions."
"I'm sure you are. I'm not, though."

I opted out of their last terms change (when Facebook bought them) change by writing to them. They get to choose whether to keep the contract we have, or lose me entirely as a source of precious metadata.

I might accidentally accept their new terms. It's a finger-slip away. If that happens, I will stop using the thing entirely.

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