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A someone who grew up with 8-bit computers, the capability of microcontrollers that can be purchased for literally just a few dollars blows me away when I think about it.

My mini review of as someone who doesn't like to micromanage computers:

+ It has installed on my NVMe + NVidia PC, unlike most other distros
- PackageManager UI is weird with it's "Apply transaction" thing, but works.
+ Nice that CLI auto-installs missing things
- NetworkManager eats 100% CPU all the time
- It goes to sleep even though I set all power-saving to off?
- I don't see an easy way (not "edit obscure config files") way to remap Caps Lock to Ctrl (must-have for ex-macOS user)

@rugk It is a reimplementation of Rust using GCC suite. It will enable use of Rust on platforms that LLVM doesn't support, easier bootstrapping, LLVM-free Linux build, and a second implementation to test against to avoid "bug-compatible" behaviors. It may also eventually have better perf/fewer bugs than LLVM.

If you post "You can't eat a soup with a fork" in a forum:

> Of course you can! Easy. Just freeze it. If you don't know basics of refrigeration, nobody can help you.


> Soups don't exist. It's an imaginary problem made-up by spoon fanboys.

A million compilations done so far.

`rg '#\[stable'` of rustc source code finds all feature flags names ever used, with Rust versions when they became stable, which helped identify exact MSRV with fewer compile failures.

I've also used -Z no-index-update option to reduce network usage (enabled on stable with the forbidden env var that shall not be named).

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@amiloradovsky @veer66 This is running on Ryzen 5600X. With Noctua fan it's actually pretty quiet.
My smart meter has warned me about above-average use of electricity this week :)

@cadadr More than one let per if is forbidden in stable Rust. You've discovered an unfinished feature that is going to add support for if-let chaining, but as you see it's not ready yet.

@cadadr I can't comment on the Haskell part, but &str in structs is un-idiomatic, and in Rust should be avoided unless proven necessary, and even then probably use Cow instead.

@tjk As for override on the site, it'd be nice, but I don't have a mechanism for it. There's a spec for a Cargo.toml property to specify it, but it's not stable yet.

@tjk No, Rust deliberately avoids such situations. Changes are additive, and anything that isn't backwards-compatible requires explicit opt-in (via "editions").

@vincent It's chewing disk space so fast that I have `while true; rm -rf temp; sleep 60; done` running.

@grindhold later I also plan to measure how much code bloat and compile time each crate adds, and use clippy lints to spot amateur mistakes to rank crates in search.

I'm trying to compile every version of every crate with every rustc version. Just a few million compilations to do.

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"when i was a kid id write capital E’s with as many of those little horizontal lines as possible and id call them ladder E’s and adults fucking hated them"


I really strongly recommend investing in a microphone. You'll automatically sound more professional than everyone else with their tinny laptop mic.

Good lighting helps more than a better webcam. You don't need professional studio lights or overpriced ring lights. Just 2-3 well-placed lamps (watch tutorials!) will make a huge difference.

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For work having a good-quality microphone and camera is equivalent of dressing nicely to work.

If you wouldn't wear torn rags to the office, you shouldn't use a webcam that makes you look like you live under a bridge.

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