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Dependency management in CMake is not just awful, it's mocking me:

> Could NOT find ZLIB (missing: ZLIB_LIBRARY) (found version "1.2.11")

When half of people block ads, sites need to double the number of ads to make up for it.

99% adblockers = needs 100× more ads.

The very last sucker that browses without adblock is going to get ads laser-etched into their eyeballs.

Do you remember how a Python crypto package requiring was reported as a disaster filling landfills with abandoned computers, because Rust didn't support s360 and hppa platforms?

Here are Debian stats for these platforms:

They've logged 8 users of each these platforms. Eight.

These platforms add up to one tenth of one percent of Debian users, by most generous interpretation of these stats.

Are there projects that depend on new C versions? What was the newest minimum version that you've seen required?

I have seventeen unread tabs open with articles on procrastination.

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"Actors with Tokio" by Alice Ryhl

This article is about building actors with Tokio directly [...] there are some details you should be aware of:

1. Where to put the tokio::spawn call.
2. Struct with run method vs bare function.
3. Handles to the actor.
4. Backpressure and bounded channels.
5. Graceful shutdown.

#rust #tokio #actorspattern #async

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When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full. is an interesting crate. It had only one release ever. It probably won't have another release, but it's fine. It's done. It looks like an abandoned/junk crate, but isn't.

I like this answer to "Semver is only an intention, not a guarantee of compatibility"

> A label on a jar carries no binding commitment to the contents of the jar. I still appreciate that my salt and sugar are labelled differently.

I've noticed a flaw in how graphics programs round RGB values (too subtle to explain in a toot), and spent a week writing an article how everybody is wrong and I'm right. Today after drawing illustrations I've noticed a flaw in my assumptions… so everybody was right and I was wrong after all.

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

and other "smart" devices that support only 2.4Ghz networks suck.
I've wasted hours disabling every modern feature on my router, made it as shitty as the old blue linksys, and the smart junk still can't connect.

However, I don't think I can make GIF encoder that has both best quality and has smallest file sizes at the same time. GIF compression sucks too much for this. Such stunts could be pulled off only in JPEG (MozJPEG). was already highest-quality maker, but people complained it created enormous files. I've looked into it, and now it generates less-than-enormous files, while still making very _smooth_ GIFs.

My is bricked. macOS installation fails at the very last step when it tries to update nvram and T2. There's no nvram reset. It's supposed to fix itself automatically, but of course doesn't.

Using paid off. back-end server stopped responding after a reboot. Instead of debugging it, I've just built a new one.
The site will be slow for a few minutes as it rebuilds caches.

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All Labradors are "Chocolate" Labradors! Some of them are just white chocolate.

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Wanna feel old? We’re closer to the Y2K38 bug than to the Y2K bug.

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