Also, what is it with Unity explanations always being videos :(

I just want to scan a bit of text for the one line thing that I've forgotten. :D

Somebody randomly dropped into my twitch stream today, looking for help with UE. I bounced them to the UE Slackers discord (it sounded like they were just starting out and would need loads of support) but what a genius way to get some help!

I hope they sussed it.

Interesting, going back to Unity after a two year absence. Bit too hard to find up to date docs because there's so much old and out of date shit about, and lots of editor workflow niceties from UE that I really miss.

Also gave the new Input System a whirl, and yeah, less said about that the better...

Spent the day with sass and Pug... Have a feeling I'll end up going back to m4 for this client work, but we'll see.

I was threatening to use the C pre-processor so I guess future hires don't need to worry anymore :D

After another day with Adobe XD, I've decided it's a bit pants. Has some very annoying workflow problems and it crashes a lot.

@popey very excited, looking forward to doing some code on the little beastie

NeXTSTEP is a subgenre of dubstep produced exclusively on old Apple computers

@theoutrider @Nach oh, he's made a career out of being contrary, just going for full on cunty these days.

@Nach I wasn't actually sure he could find a new low to mine. Fucking bellend.

Why am I not surprised that the Rev turns out to be another Glinner :(

First impressions of Adobe XD are good. Biggest annoyance so far is having to constantly type in sizes, instead of being able to scrub up and down, but other than that the layout engine is nice and simple and it does what I need it to.

Need to get my head around Adobe XD today, and prototype a mobile app. Which probably means I'll be prototype this and changing colours for the rest of time.

Second job on my unity side project: re-write my game state manager. Opted to have states load in their scenes additively, with one persistent scene holding the stuff for output (cameras) and wharever global components I end up with.

Works well, and no more Don'tDestroy OnLoad hoohar.

Just had the full Monty at a Turkish barbers and it was glorious. Can't beat a shave with a proper blade

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