I ought to say some things about json-ld, because I think a lot of people aren't familiar with the details of it.

- You can play with json-ld live here: json-ld.org/playground/
- JSON-LD lets you have extensions but map them to local "compacted" shorthands, while still allowing to expand out into unambiguous form.
- JSON-LD does allow converting to a RDF graph, but it's not required. (It is interesting, though.)

(cotd ...)

- Unlike most specs, JSON-LD has a complete implementation guide w3.org/TR/json-ld-api/ Some people have been complaining on here that it's non-normative, but of course it's not normative. For example, the algorithms here are imperative, and it's legal to rewrite to a functional style without breaking the spec.
- The JSON-LD test suite is *fantastic* and if you do an implementation, will really catch a lot of things

(cotd ...)

- One of the suggestions in the "litepub" subset of activitypub being proposed (I think it's fine to explore a subset) is that core AS2 terms can be compacted while extensions should be their full URI. That's fine, and is compatible, but
- If you have a json-ld library handy, one thing you can do is just compact incoming data to the context *you* use. It'll do exactly the same thing with terms you don't know but will let you use shorthands for those you do.


@cwebber Wow, full URIs sounds a bit hypocritical, considering they want plain JSON.

I feel like the JSON-LD disconnect is specific to the distributed nature of AP.

In the JSON-LD world, producers simply tack context onto their existing data. Old-school consumers can rely on the same old JSON struct. And yet, data is now linked.

But in AP, we're all peers, and consuming data from producers we don't know. So JSON-LD processing is a hard requirement, and the "It's just JSON" no longer holds.

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@kosinus @cwebber

litepub is not really a statement for or against JSON-LD. we just want to guarantee that implementors can stick to pure JSON, because that is what almost all real world implementations are doing.
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