@kosinus this still up? I think it's such a fantastic idea but had trouble getting going. Thought I saw my name on the site after tooting about being open for challenges but not there now and tried initiating a game in both directions to no avail.

Any suggestions? Would love to check it out. Thanks for making this; such a fantastic idea for turn-based correspondence games on the fediverse!

@slackz Hi! Thanks for the kind words!

I do see two games created by you in the DB. The front page only shows games with more than 5 moves, so they don't show up there.

But it looks like it gets errors delivering to your instance.

@kosinus hmm, darn, haven't had other issues. Lol bad time to have just disabled logs :P

I'll take a look. Thanks for info

@slackz Let me know if you find anything! Never sure on which end these things are. And I don’t have the most complete logging either. 🙂

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