Making games sounds like such a cool thing to do. I tried to participate in Ludum Dare again, but motivation plummeted at some point.

I should probably not approach it like a contentless coding problem, which I always do. I have this irrational fear that anything creative I do is an instant embarrassment.

@kosinus It definitely can be a cool thing to do.

If you want, you could just make a game for yourself, or a close friend (or me, I'm willing to give feedback).

There's not enough time to be embarrased by early efforts that aren't great.

Like in any creative endeavor, the first dozen or so will not meet your standards. You still have to do them to get through to the properly good stuff.

This was my first LD submission:

It has some things going for it, and other things not at all.

The best thing, I think, is that the core gameplay is decently tight, and that it has a defined end and a basic tutorial.

It was also a single 800-line Lua file, and the art was done in Paint.NET, and the music is 4 notes that don't do much, and I didn't do much in terms of player feedback.

In other words, it left a lot to be desired. Simply finishing has value.

@kosinus All that to say, everyone starts somewhere, and it's totally fine to start and not be great at something at first.

If you do decide to go forward with a gamedev project, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

@yumaikas Thanks for sharing! What I think is just really cool about your entry, and many others in LD, is that you're not afraid to put something weird or silly out there. I get embarrassed and can't seem to shut that off.

The technical output is usually decent, so I tend to focus on that and make super serious stuff. I actually did finish LD22:

Looking back, I'm like 'Woah, I made this!', because there's cool hacks in there. But it's also super plain on the surface. 😅

@yumaikas What I was building last weekend was in the same direction. This is what I had so far: (It doesn't do anything past those first enemies.)

It felt like more of the same blandness. It got to a point where I just had to churn out enemies and levels, but didn't feel like it.

What I far more enjoy in games is story and setting. Maybe I should actually make an attempt at that next time, though it's a completely new skill I'd have to learn.

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