> tells a bunch of volunteers to go fuck themselves for posting a video of a talk given by a Google employee (look, I don't like Chris DiBona either, he is an asshole and I have clashed with him before)

> tells the people who ask him what the fuck he is doing to also go fuck themselves

> justifies development of non-free apps on a non-free platform that spies on you with telemetry collection while claiming to be a free software champion

mmmkay then.
i'm not impressed with techbros who try to whitewash their image by wrapping themselves in FOSS. the guy writes an ad blocker for iOS that is proprietary, and has had only minimal involvement in FOSS. nobody should take him seriously.

@kaniini To be fair, it’s AGPL: source.ind.ie/better

But yeah, he was out of line there.

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