I no longer bother with sites that:

- require javascript
- require captcha because clodflare
- reject Tor connections
- require cookies
- take more than a few seconds to load
- ask me a lot of stupid questions
- have idiotic conditions for use
- cover the screen with popups

I just don't have time for all that stupid shit. There are plenty of alternatives.

@kot To be fair more than a few seconds and tor are mutually exclusive like 99% of the time, and you should probably be suspicious if it's not more than a few seconds on tor... ;)

@kot I don't know much about TOR, do I need to do anything special for my site to be accessible for TOR users, or is a simple https setup okay?

On your end it will just be normal proxy servers, serving you requests from the Tor network. As long as you don't block Tor exit nodes or use a service that does, it shouldn't be a problem.

@patchman Right, so I'd have to actively go out of my way to make things inaccessible to TOR users?

Yes, you don't have to babysit your Anonymous Cowards ;)

@patchman Cool

My website is just a little personal thing, nothing major, but I'm doing my best to keep it snappy and accessible out of principle. It's nice to know people can access it anonymously if they'd like.

Weirdly, it seems like it's actually *easier* to make an accessible website than a non-accessible one?

It passed my uMatrix filter.
- No third party resources.
- 1st party: html, css, frames only

Did not test with tor.

I think the reason so many sites suck, is that they use ready-made generic solutions that suffer from feature creep.

@gaeel @patchman or add silly checks on authentication that ties a user to a IP for the session.

@gcb Ah yes, IP adresses, a good tool for securely identifying users

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