Hey @Tutanota, did you plan to provide an "IMAP bridge" like your P competitor does? I would love to use the mail client I like more.

@Tutanota mmm, maybe I can write one myself by looking at your clients code? 🤔


Tutanota seems to have zero interest in ever making their email service accessible via standard email clients. Imo, that's a red flag that indicates something very fishy about them. For that reason, I'd never trust Tutanota for anything private or secure.

I can understand their reasons by still trusting them, but this is a stopper for me. Let's build a bridge ourselves and see how @Tutanota reacts.

@ilpianista @kot Thanks for your feedback and sharing your concern. We don't plan to build a bridge because it is not secure - data is not stored encrypted locally - and not user-friendly - the local client can't show you if an email sent is encrypted or not. Instead we build open source desktop clients, you can build them from GitHub if you don't trust us, or check the signature to be sure that the code published on GitHub is used in the client. Hope this clarifies this.

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