You see that guy in the red face mask? That's what a man looks like.

Accurate forensic reconstruction from Neanderthal skulls suggest what they may have actually looked like. The skin and hair color are from DNA information. Their eyes and brains were larger than ours, but their arm bone construction prevented them from throwing things very effectively. I suspect that was largely what did them in.

Deaths from all causes in selected cities, 2020 versus the average over the previous 5 years.

Trump declares himself Emperor, proclaims U.S. Constitution null and void. Says state governors must genuflect in His presence, and news reporters must henceforth address Him as "Your Majesty". Claims coronavirus is a hoax by George Soros intended to dethrone Him.

Yay, file upload works again. Pictured: George Orwell, whom I admire very much.

Greta Thunberg smear campaign being hatched on 4chan /b as we speak. Someone should alert Twitter to expect a rash of new fake accounts spreading propaganda memes.

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