Ever wanted to create a Tor onion service but figured it's probably a lot of trouble to do? This is how absurdly simple it is...


(Don't forget to set your clocks ahead by one hour before bed tonight.)

Amazing. The Greeks circa 200 BC built a finely-tooled, metal, analog computing device complete with intricately geared mechanism. This technology was then lost until the 18th century. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Who says wild mountain lions and deer can't be buds?

If I could send two things to all the people with broken water pipes right now, I think it would be these, or similar:

1. Why is Riseup VPN using Google DNS?
2. Why is Google DNS blocking Associated Press News?

Parler seems to have suffered yet *another* unfortunate mishap! :3

Yuletide greetings to every living creature across the entire face of the planet. I wish you all peace, love, and happiness today and always.

Breaking! Rudy Giuliani tests positive for stupidity.

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