There’s this one lady I hate at work and of course she’s on the same bus as me going to the same event ugh I wanna die

So that $9 cold pressed juice I bought is actually pretty damn good. Now why is it so expensive lol

I like to think that cuddles from @cccam would be some of the best cuddles simply based on the fact that they do it so damn often :3

bois and gurrls it’s lonely hours time

Bought a $9 cold pressed juice and I’m afraid to drink it

Halp pls! One of my Exchange email accounts is working fine and syncing my mail but the other is not! Passwords and servers are all right on the problem email account as all my folder structures have synced but just no email! Pls halp this hapless middle management boi!

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Do people actually buy TV shows anymore?

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I will always love you, whoever you are.

Cotton candy grapes are here again! Whooo 🤤

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