What iOS apps do you use to log your water intake?

@Aria it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around uwu

Why do I get multiple notifications for the same action?

Hello! Please interact with this toot, I am testing something out. Thank you! Much love :underheart:

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More snapchat bullshit 

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Hello friends! Can anyone point me in the way of someone who makes pride flags? I want to get one but I can't see any on Etsy that don't seem mass produced and I'd like one that someone's put some effort into :3 I'd like an enby one. UK is preferred because I'm impatient and delivery won't be long from here :P

Working late today so I slept in a little... Now I have no idea where I am or what time it is

Ever feel like life is just steamrolling the fuck out of you? Yeah me too.

I used this as a caption once and this is all my keyboard suggests when I type "good"

Day off so I sleep in an extra four hours :D

Honestly I just want to know what a fully specced Mac Pro is gonna cost. How ridiculous is the price gonna be?

Work! It's 5am and some really old customer is phoning me??? Like wtf call back during business hours!

More snapchat bullshit 

Just saw some guy walking down the street with his jeans at his ankles. Wtf is wrong with this city.

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