there's a real Douglas Adams sort of irony in having to tell Spotify i don't like a song when i actually do like it, but i have to convince the algorithm to stop feeding me podcast theme songs

"I don't like that song," said Arthur.

"Of course you do," said the computer.

"No, I really don't."

With a politely synthesized sigh, it replied, "Your heart rate increases by ten percent when you hear the first chorus. Your microexpressions register as "happy" zero-point-zero-seven times more frequently while the song is playing. And I heard you humming the melody in the shower."

"No," he said. "Okay, maybe. Yes. But I don't want YOU to think I like it."

"So you do like it. Wonderful!"

@kotep Spotify's recommendation algorithm is particularly awful. I miss 2009

@kotep Haha, or when you don't skip a song because you're worried then the algorithms will think you don't like it, when you *do* like it but you just don't want to listen to it right now :)

@loveisanalogue @kotep The Algorithm™ passes the Turing test because it gives me social anxiety

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