cant stop thinking about the word smexy. what a word

primal amazonian lizard TF from!

going to post it on twitter too eventually but i liked how it came out

anime brain poisoning and MRA 

@Ferrovore i've seen that get used so much, it's very popular with the anime brain poisoned crowd because it's such a cutesy euphemism so you never have to admit you're looking at porn or getting off

it reminds me of the ben shapiro WAP reading, or when a popular MRA guy went on a whole rant about how anal sex is destroying western values but could not bring himself to say the words ass or penis

@distressedegg my personal one is anything to do with mommy/daddy play. immediately zeroes out my eroticism

but I think the objectively least hot phrase I've seen used in porn was "his pee pee and balls"

new fursona idea: actual human me but my mom and dad are cartoon wolves

sometimes etymology is great but sometimes you learn that "orange" was a fruit before it was a color, and also that it used to be "a norange" but because of english it became "an orange"

if only we had a name for this reddy yellow but all we've got is this load of norringes

ostracism was such a redditor's solution to society

we can't possibly expect people not to be terrible assholes, so instead we'll have a vote for Worst Guy and then he has to go away for ten years

my iconic quirky childhood drink was "sludge", which is one part pepsi to one part max pulp orange juice

REALLY furry shit, breeding kink 

@distressedegg it's on the list for sure

REALLY furry shit, breeding kink 

@distressedegg oh, you'd probably like an idea i've been hanging onto: it's an "oops, transforming in the middle of lecture" type thing where above the desk they look fine but below the desk they've got big muscly dinosaur legs, and they're fighting against lizardly thoughts---but instead of being placid egg-laying it's more of like, an amazonian queen thing so she's like "puny humans would be jealous if they could only see my mighty clutch"

pol (specifically in the context of early music ensembles) 

i just had to double check to make sure that no one in this early music ensemble i like is a secret neo-nazi after spotting some "evropa" shit in the youtube comments.

the most incriminating thing i could find was a facebook post they shared from a medieval history center sharing photos of cool manuscripts it had in its museum collections. so while they're 100% guaranteed history dorks, i don't think they're neonazis

there's definitely audiophile hypnosis out there, right? like someone hypnotizing themselves while doing a/b testing of encoding as 320kbps MP3 versus 120kbps OGG Opus

@Tamber yeah! it sucks!!

the whole movie is pandering to queer theater teens because its themes are all about rebellion (cruella is like a guerilla punk fashion model who shows up to prank her employer-slash-rival's elite fashion shows) so i can't read how hard it hammers home the deadname thing as anything but a "look at how relatable she is" thing, but then everything around it is the same stifling toxic disney storytelling tropes they always use

@hierarchon this is not even getting into the fact that her evil/crazy persona exists because (spoilers) secretly her biological mom is the evil baroness who's like cruella but way worse, and she's inherited both the baroness's fashion design talent and her narcissism, so the empowering self-actualization is actually about her succumbing to her genetic destiny to be an identical copy of her mom, despite being raised entirely by someone else and never meeting the baroness until she's grown up

@hierarchon it doesn't, but she goes through a whole thing where it's like "mom, you tried to force me to be estella, but i'm not, i couldn't be her. she's dead now, and i'm cruella"

she changes her clothes afterward, stops dying her hair (it's naturally half white) and immediately afterward goes to an old childhood friend and gets to do a "oh, and it's cruella now ;)" thing

i watched the cruella movie last night.

don't watch it. visually it's fairly well done and it's high camp, but everything in it is ripped off from better movies, sanitized, or makes no sense

also it says that mental disorders are hereditary and make you evil, and then goes on to have cruella declare that estella is her deadname in a super blunt attempt at doing a trans metaphor with her genetically predestined identity as evil crazy lady that her mom tried to repress

i got a new stuffed animal today as a nice thing for me cause i hadn't in a while. i don't even play rivals of aether i just like the panther

@distressedegg get π–‹π–Žπ–‘π–‘π–Šπ–‰ with π–Šπ–Œπ–Œ

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