"The best way to write predictive fiction is to predict a large number of different things, wait a few years and then take credit for the ones that sort of came true"

Talking to Neal Stephenson, Whose New Novel, ‘Fall,’ is at No. 14


“Idolized children despise their parents, and when they get a bit older they bully their countrymen. Tribes with an ancestor cult have endured for centuries. No tribe would survive long with a youth cult.” - Solzhenitsyn


"There’s not a single exception. All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness."


"Three out of four games ended up in a draw."

Proposing a new system for top chess tournaments

Entrepreneur, trainer, and Grandmaster Miguel Illescas puts down some thoughts on how to make elite chess touranments more fan friendly. Inspired by the Norway Chess Armageddon experiment, he offers a proposal to improve the format with tweaks to the scoring and time control.


"We’re taking a break from chronicling your subway woes to appreciate one of the best parts about riding the train: The weird and beautiful sights you regularly stumble upon."


"the weirding will last another 21 years, or until 2040. Counting from 2015, that makes it a 25 year half-cycle, which triangulates well with the 25 year neoliberal half cycle that came just before, making for a 50-year full cycle"


"This is probably the most disturbing, shocking and generally infuriating book in the whole history of political philosophy."



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