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Heya, I'm an aspiring fractal artist currently working my way out of skinniness so I can punch fascists in the face real hard.
An-com and proud.
I love rain and the fading of dusk into night. Excited to join the community!

(also here's some of my work because i think it's real neat)

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there are a lot of good people on the fediverse!

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Happy birthday to me! Komitea published my first solo album today, available 'on every streaming service' plus Bandcamp through here:


Special thanks to @kotolya for the great cover art!

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Did you know in 2014 I made a tiny game? It was on GitHub but wasn't hosted anywhere accessible until now


The longer you stay away from social media, the harder it is to come back.

just tried maple syrup for the first time in my life. it's something incredible.

all what i have to do is grow dandelions in pots. and wait untill they bloom

Life? Life goes deeper into the abyss of obscurity

Indian cops wear coronavirus helmets by artist B. Gowtham
They say: “If you come out, I will come in"
Chennai, India

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