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i am become bofa, hopper of instances

@dedken Diogenes is the patron saint of shitposting and one of the best people to exist please tell all the dog-man stories.

everything is always so goddamn exhaustingly stupid all of the time

except my cat

she is not exhaustingly stupid, she is just regular stupid

here's proof:

What if God were one of us

Crankin' hog like one of us

what up folx, popping in to remind y'all i'm over on and you should be too

i am become bofa, hopper of instances

please boost my toot so people changing instances can follow this handsome and loyal gentleman for the first time

think i might fuck around and move to bofa today. anybody got an invite for the big weird man

@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

SCUM looks like EVE Online but instead of a cool ship you have to micro-manage your idiot son

i spent way too long making this ridiculous vaporwave internet radio station and visualizer while i was unemployed a few years ago:

please tune in and enjoy~~

Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Bofa Mankind

i just realized it's probably smarter to post here:

hey guys! i just migrated from !! i'd love if you could boost this so i could get my followers over here!! :>

hey y'all!!

i am now , please follow me over there as that's where i'm moving to!

boost this so i can get My Followers Back also!!!

hi, friends - just a reminder that every billionaire is a criminal - no exceptions

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