During a war, how do you protect your savings?

@kp666 any physical object that has a utility or precious store of value.

Not just gold and silver, but medical supplies, technical components and munitions.

@kp666 if they can take a beating, then they count as high end.

Otherwise they're worthless. Now becoming a cobbler, that would be a utility that could be useful when SHTF.


@masstransitkrow iam not sure, they seem to trust the value of sneakers than Lebanese dollar

@kp666 things certainly seem to be falling apart in Lebanon right now.

I wouldn't stop with shoes.

@masstransitkrow iam still wondering how to save my meager savings. I think a crypto currency is the easiest to carry around, but in a all out war what use is a crypto currency without internet. This is my current dilemma. Something easy to carry and hide, but also something that won't lose value.

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