@praveen @thecaravanindia I think it's a business failure to depend on a single medium like Twitter for reach. They have been in the industry for so long, yet haven't made any insurance for a situation like this. That's plain stupidity considering how the industry works

This is probably the best chance to check if anti vaxxer claims are true or not

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I think we should check fertility rates before and after vaccination

To go from Marseille to Luxembourg, you first go to Frankfurt, then to Sweden and after n number of hops reach Luxembourg. European internet routing is fucked up.

@akhilan maybe, but when you consider 30 as a magic number for statistics, don't you think it can be biased or manipulated?

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In 2021, remember that @UmarKhalidJNU@twitter.com is in jail on fake charges, terr0rist sh00ters are officially joining BJP, and delhi police still can't locate Komal Sharma. Happy New Year.

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@akhilan `Citizens who were approached for feedback included 4,056 respondents, covering approximately 60 people at each shortlisted location. `


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working with blackbox with 0 documentation anywhere is making me go nuts

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@masstransitkrow iam still wondering how to save my meager savings. I think a crypto currency is the easiest to carry around, but in a all out war what use is a crypto currency without internet. This is my current dilemma. Something easy to carry and hide, but also something that won't lose value.

@masstransitkrow iam not sure, they seem to trust the value of sneakers than Lebanese dollar

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Consumerism has done this weird trick of pushing "convenience" as a kind of moral sentiment. It does not apply to "work" (or "labor" to those on the left) which is supposed to be non-fun but required.

The central idea seem to be that anything that is not one's "job" should involve as little effort as possible. Laziness is a virtue and anything that requires effort is dismissed as foolish, old-fashioned drudgery. But don't most rewarding things require effort?

If we want people to move away from corporate hegemony, we will also need to convince people that convenience is often not a virtue and that doing things the hard way can be fun, interesting and convivial (not to mention more sustainable, local and humane).

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