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Having Ashley Williams join the core Rust team and become Community Lead is awful. She's a disgrace to Node and I seriously hope this phenomenon doesn't spread to even more communities.

@sir Could you summarize why? I haven't heard of her before.

@bb010g there is a good summary of her impact on the Node community here:

It was just announced she's been given the roles I mentioned in the Rust community as well.

@sir Someone brought this up on the /r/rust thread, so I've expounded a bit on my thread here in a reply:

@bb010g @sir

Oh fuck. This is bad.

So, Ashley Williams is joining the Rust Core Team and takes lead of the Community Team, and people are unhappy about that since she's known to be sexist and racist — towards white men, that is.

So people try to discuss that on Reddit, and mods (@manishearth) outright *remove* all the posts that try to bring up the issue.

@manishearth @sir @bb010g

I mean, none of this should ever happen is the first place.

A person should never grow so toxic towards others, especially because of their race/gender/skin color/whatnot.

Such a person should never be allowed to be on the Node.js Board of Directors and their Community Committee — just think of it, the *community* committee, for Rust's sake!

@bb010g @sir @manishearth

Nor should such a person get anywhere near to Rust's respective teams.

Nor should the mods silence people's concerns about this.

@manishearth @sir @bb010g

I am the biggest fan of Rust the language and I admire its developers — the developers side of them.

But when it comes to community policies...

See for yourself, from this

To this

@bb010g @sir @manishearth

Can you tell that I'm pissed? I bet you can.

Spread the word, maybe?


@bugaevc @bb010g @sir also not disclosed is their relationship with one of the core rust developers (maybe not necessary, but it feels like nepotism)

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