A friend is planning to translate Periyar’s work from Tamil to Telugu and not from English to Telugu. Any one willing to work? contact me. You should be able to read and write in both languages. I don’t know about remuneration.

If religion is blinding, so is loyalty to a party. What were LTTE options? Surrender? What happened to those surrendered in the end?
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LTTE wasn't the sole representative of Eelam Tamils. LTTE may have withered away, but the need and space for Eelam still exists. If SL Govt & its allies conducted a genocide against Eelam Tamizhs, LTTE was equally responsible for it. That's the view in Tamil Nadu.

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Michael Sandel, the political philosopher says what we view as meritocracy today is actually 'inherited aristocracy'. How True. NEET isn't anything more than an exam, let alone a marker of merit. Those who can afford the tools to crack it, crack it.

Tech: Beginning of the month, I presented the talk, "Build Plugins with Pluggy" in PyGotham and PyCon India conference. Here is the write-up of the talk kracekumar.com/post/build_plug

github.com/simonw/datasette-re plugin expects the developer to store the images as binary data in SQLite DB. With github.com/kracekumar/datasett developers can ship data/labels/results in db and images in the directories.

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I wrote my heart out today. I've never felt so exhausted. I feel like all my vulnerability is out on a platter for anyone who wants to consume it. But I also feel strangely strong. I don't want to make sense of this feeling yet. This emotion is new.

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Those who are surprised by the way is handled, note that in my 11 years of experience as a lawyer I have protested in police stations to register atrocity cases, met DSPs, filed petitions in High Court to invoke SC/ST Act and EVERY SINGLE CASE IS DEALT LIKE THIS.

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Nirbhaya's family got compensation & job in the family and much needed dignity.

Hathrus Dalit woman's family willl get Narco test.

Don't fucking ever tell me that all women are equal.

Brahminical State of India
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Remember Justice Karnan's case? He was not allowed to speak to media.
Remember Guru Ravidas temple demolition case of Delhi? SC ordered not to report.
Now, family members of have been held captive inside their home with phones taken away from them.


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Watch the short film thrice, youtu.be/AJBkmtpu1sQ and read the brilliant writing.
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My notes on @rajamanirajesh short film THR DISCREET CHARM OF THE SAVARNAS. Gorgeously funny, absolutely devastating. Fab cinematography @vinayaravind, and great acting by @KaniKusruti and others. Movie link m.youtube.com/watch?v=AJBkmtpu

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In case you are making plans for this week, mark the war stories session with @phoenixwizard @meerasndr @kracetheking and others - hasgeek.com/rootconf/sql-war-s
Participate and share your war story!

Programmers, what are your favorite resources to learn about the business need and bringing impact to the business using technology at work?

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Caste discrimination in America.

“One Dalit woman who is from the Valkimi caste, whose occupation historically has been to clean up excrement, was humiliated by her Indian co-workers and asked to clean up after team meetings as some sort of sick joke.”

Developers in India if you like zines, use this chance and binge buy the zines.

Rate for US Internet users: 12 $
Rate for India internet users: 2.40 $. 80% less on zines, wizardzines.com
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implemented PPP (purchasing power parity) today to make it more affordable for folks around the world to buy my zines.

If you're in a country with a weaker currency relative to the US, you should be able to see it in action at https://wi…

Please don't add Periyar's photo in the "Tamil speaking Indian" T-shirt. He never accepted the Indian Union. Thank you.

I think it’s time to write down in resume that I won’t submit Aadhar card copy while joining the work.

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