Share your favorite software engineer interview coding questions (hint: not invert binary tree). Constraint: Solvable in 45 mins, lang agnostic, should not be one/weird trick and not a puzzle. Intent: can the candidate code, asses clarity & thought process

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It has been 12 hours, not a single health bulletin has been issued, the whole family has been placed under house arrest, no one is being allowed to meet, even the media persons are not being allowed to come. This incident is pointing towards .

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Unnao...Hathras...Unnao and uncountable crimes on Dalits in between.

In most of the crimes, apart from upper caste criminals, what is common? Dalits' lack of land ownership, which should have should have been an aspect of .

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For those who thought FIR on Greta was a joke, no, it's a snare to catch everyone doing work on the environment and alleging some international conspiracy or the other.

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"Voice of voiceless" (Official Music Video) - Vedan | Malayalam Rap via @YouTube 🔥🔥

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Is tag not allowed on social media? Why does a traditional homeland--why does a people's quest for self-determination--why does talk of autonomy lead to such immense censorship? Doesn't this enable a genocide, doesn't this amount to erasing history--identity--memory?

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So a retired cricketer whose value to his team was mostly questionable has weighed in on the side of a proto-fascist regime.
Herewith my submission (recycled from a few years ago), re the Brahmin Rathna:

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I just spoke to Nodeep, she is very happy to know that people around the world stands in solidarity with her struggle.She have thanked people for the wishes on her birthday.The prison too can not control her from her basic principle of ‘serving the people’.

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Rohit vemula who was a member of SFI was also abandoned and left to die. We must save Nodeep Kaur

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Let’s tweet for 10,00,000 tweet. So that the whole world can see the plight of this girl. Let us make her the face of farmers protest.

Reminds me of @kuffir’s tweet how can one be life long teacher and teachers day celebration.
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It is not the lecture that should interest us, but the detailed work of discussing and investigating problems, work in which everybody participates, to which everybody contributes, in which everybody is both master and disciple

- Gramsci

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Benti to Sangat worldwide. Yes, Rihanna did well. Yes, Bollywood celebs are spineless.
We do not need to spend another day discussing them, instead let’s help a Bhen ji Nodeep Kaur, activist who has spent 22 day’s inside Tihar Jail.
Make Nodeep Kaur famous.

2. In 2001, several upper-caste/class social scientists opposed Dalit organisations and the activists Paul Divakar and Martin Macwan’s address on caste oppression at the UN world conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia in Durban, as it was “internal matter”.

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He also insisted “non-Hindus” leaders like George Joseph to withdraw from movement forming its multi-religious alliance and meaning its “internal matter of Hinduism”.

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1. In 1924, In Vaikom, Kerala, the oppressed castes began their agitation for the right to walk on all public places. Gandhi appointed himself as the leader of the movement and began holding talks with locals.

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