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Hey y'all! I'm krad, a Southern designer & comic creator making IRON CROWN - one gothic dieselpunk comic with mercs, demons, & dead dictators (oh my). Down for drawing anything badass. 🔪


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taking masto for a trial spin, or new follower? sincerely glad to see you! There's a fair few artists already here, and we would love to hear from you with ~

Speaking of intros: I'm krad, a comic creator making IRON CROWN; a gothic dieselpunk comic with mercs, demons, & dictators, (oh my). ( (...If you're also here for slightly cheeky thirst art, well, that makes both of us!)

PS: use and as tags to get your work out. ♥ Go wild!

my hope with my sketchbook site is to recreate that sincerity and feeling.

drawing for algorithms pales in comparison, and I'm just grateful I got to experience those real years on webrings, on dA, and early-tumblr. ♥ hats off to everyone who was there.

one of my fondest memories is early 00's JP fandom webrings. there was not a word of english on those sites, and every link was a total and happy surprise - you simply enjoyed your favorite characters drawn by someone across the world.

The RP corner of tumblr was like that, too.

dA and tumblr is where i learned to draw, and learned to enjoy it, respectively - but I feel like I'm headed in a new chapter of life with creative works and IRON CROWN, so having this collection feels ... appropriate.

(sketchdumps of the old kind and all.)

one of my big projects since January is finally done; moving and storing the last 15 years of artworks to my official site:

[ follower locked post ]

gonna start posting the semi-nsfw over here in follower-locked posts; anything significantly edgy/graphic will probably get a cropped preview + a link to the spicy RSS. 👀

Commission to a very kind dear who requested ROTJ Luke - had a secret fondness for him as well.

trying to remember how to draw something that isn’t promotional/pages/paid/etc related for the first time in literal … years? and kinda failing, aheh.

(thankfully ‘old favorites as vaguely looking bad dudes’ is an easy go to.)

, IC edition. ... AKA channeling that 'horny for animated villains' energy


/ ⚠ cw for suicide attempt, guns, gore-flavored body horror, general mature themes

krad: deadlines? what are those?
also krad: THIS IS A GENIUS ....... MERCH IDEA......

can't wait to add this shard boob mousepad later this year after deadlines tho :'3

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