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Inspired by classic horror and Evangelion-esque surrealism, CREATION MYTHS is a 8-page story featuring Frankenstein, the Steam Man, & a mysterious woman whose paths cross (and clash) in the cracks of time.

created by Rowan Grover & krad.

tfw you realize who *else* is all the way there to the sleezy animal antag energy…. :’D

(context: this tweet -

there’s some characters you just know have extreme hoe™ energy.

(love you, ツイハーク)


i really wanted to draw @kmclaude's Tielfer with sacrilegious di$ney villain vibes (because wow, mood).

is the best psychological-horror game disguised as a JRPG.

(it's a pretty good monster story too.)

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I collaborated with Dual Wield Studio to create some enamel pins on the astrological western zodiac.

The Kickstarter for it is live! It ends July 13. Get them discounted while you can!

hellsing is a very serious show about a traumatized vampire and his vampire hunter master, clearly.

cooldown doodle. would unironically let butch mama sarah connor do illegal things to me with that shotgun.

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