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Call me krad! I'm a commercial designer, the creator of IRON CROWN, a mildly unwholesome leather jacket wearin' NPC - and here to tell good stories.


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Super excited to announce that IC has just launched on Hiveworks!!!!! :] IRON CROWN is my new action-adventure webcomic about mercs, monsters, and a dictator’s daughter fleeing a coup … with all of the above making a stand against a much darker enemy on the horizon.

★ Interested? Start reading the 16 page prologue on ★

(Please note this comic is for 15+ audiences. While research has been done, sensitive readers might want to pass on this~)

dayjob has been an absolute dumpster fire w/a side of straight up gaslighting lately (cue absence) but i have plans in motion to get shit back to where it was.

let me just live and draw fucky comix pls

doodling for the first time in three weeks ... amused at it being a perfect venn diagram of comfort draws

hmm, blood dripping off swords never lead to good moments... (unless, you know, you’re into that sort of thing).

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

i am convinced now there is an entire generation of (tangential-)hexxus-fuckers out there by dint of how *many* art peeps who I talk to about Formative Animation Scenes, and them going

'oh YEAH. HIM.'

so amused.

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There's worse ways to pass the time, sure.

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

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look at my loser nerd son i created for a sweet game of urban shadows eyyyy

@genemang also i swear i try to look up things myself, but does this manga have a full title that brings it up on google? Searching for "canis manga"/"opera manga" isn't quite giving me what you're showing. D: (Thank you!!)

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Oh dear, they have n i c k n a m e s.

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

@taureancheer -grabs tablet pen-

i........ wiLL!!! BE RIGHT!!! BACK!!!!!!! :'D

(also i love that our friendship is such i can bug you about skeevy shit like this LMAO)

@taureancheer > rereads the fox sister for the thousandth time
> in between 'awwing' over their dynamic, remembers the JUST A TINY plot point of 'fox spirit literally planned on becoming alex'
> krad: ....
> krad: ......... has anyone drawn possessed!alex
> krad: ..............................

workstation. need to get more art in here, but lava lamps and gamecubes aren't a bad start.

trying to stay sane through a hell week + birb site’s doing a thing called (self explanatory) where they’re filthy casuals when you got themes like THE HELLS OF JUDGEMENT DAY and SERAPHIM and EXORCISM right there. >:l

“my dear, a weapon is nothing but entropy in service of ideals.”

you’ll take my fe13-living-weapon!AU out of my cold dead hands. warmup.

@Prax (mumble i promise i like you lOL) also your comment about the 'function stack' set off a delightful few hours of article reading so that was the coolest part of my monday. <3

@Prax also, not to butt in on yours/chira's fascinating convo on MBTI/astro - but as someone who consistently gets INTJ and also the "feelings are geTTING IN THE WAY i'm done with feelings" corner that rings hilariously true lol


yes yes we get it you overdramatic goth sub, now help further the plot now goddamit

i swear to god, villain monologues are my favorite thing to write

my editor's already had to nuke five of them ;orz