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...aaand in big news this week, I'm officially launching my patreon/concept blog for iC! :]

There's commission tiers (only 2 left tho!), 10+ posts already up on worldbuilding + character design, plus other goodies ... enjoy!

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Super excited to announce that IC has just launched on Hiveworks!!!!! :] IRON CROWN is my new action-adventure webcomic about mercs, monsters, and a dictator’s daughter fleeing a coup … with all of the above making a stand against a much darker enemy on the horizon.

★ Interested? Start reading the 16 page prologue on ★

(Please note this comic is for 15+ audiences. While research has been done, sensitive readers might want to pass on this~)

effin' vampires.

(a conversation i had to immortalize.) (har har)

somehow I decided that writing a 6k long analysis essay on Hellsing's pacing / power dynamics / female gaze was a good use of my friday night.

... drunk!krad why u do dis

Nothing like starting a chapter with plots afoot....

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+

(also if you're in the mood for fascists getting a can of whup-ass in their face?

...let's just say this is gonna be a treat of a chapter.)

★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

Been looking forward to this one for a LONG time - Diane’s on a deadly collision course with someone very familiar and discover a hell of a skeleton in her father’s closet…

… provided she makes it out in one piece afterwards.

That being said, it does get dark - I’ll post content warnings here, but mind your fingers - it’s not rated 16+ for nothing.

Loads of new faces here! I'm krad, an illustrator that loves drawing badass ladies, explosions, monsters, and pugs misbehavin'~ Also the creator of IRON CROWN, an ongoing T+ webcomic that puts 'action' back in action-adventure & has all of the above! >

one of the characters i’ve been low-key thirsting over for literal years just came back on Sfeer Theory and i just HAD to doodle him. ´∀`; there are many reasons to enjoy the comic but @sfeertheorist ‘s flawless writing and @chirart’s gorgeous hunks- er, art- (both?-) are a few.

pre-orders for volume 3 of Sfeer Theory are up here, too! (

adrenaline cooldown … hell of a thing.

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+!

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//// worship / sacrilege ////

( … krad got an extra snow day so ~you~ get extra spicy doodles. IC-verse. D/S )

#illustration #mastoart

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Art trade for @kradeelav

Joanna is a lovely lady from a lovely comic that recommend reading!
I gave her a massive sniper riffle whoops!

and we're back! ...might want to make your next move fast though, Diane.

★ ★

... all doggos automatically go on the bottom right, tbh

Just sent in the last two of IRON CROWN's monthly ad donations to the ADL! 2017's total given = $40 ... and IC was only launched in Sept! 🎉

Thank you all for supporting - whether it be comic, patreon and/or the above !

speaking of GORGEOUS underrated outside masto, y'all need to check out "Kayin & Abeni" by Juni Ba; a self-described afro space adventure that's one of the most refreshing works I've seen in YEARS. 3 volumes so far can be brought on Ba's gumroad here ( - and Ba's also on instagram ( & facebook ( if you want to keep an eye on that work!

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my part of the art trade for lesbianravenna:
esta is pretty fun to draw! I need to draw more older ladies!

'edgy stories that deliberately leave room for kindness and a voice for the unheard' is honestly the genre i'm finding the most strength in these days.

here's to a new year without fear, above all. take care, everyone.

have a much belated holiday well-wishing to y'all, and see you on the other side of 2017!~ : ]