Also, here I am on Pluspora. Pluspora is part of the Diaspora network, which is federated just like Mastodon here. I really like the idea of federated design, that means all the eggs aren't in one basket.

As for alternative social networks, I am on MeWe. It's pretty quiet there, but seems to be growing nicely. Here's me:

I just joined Diaspora. I'm there. Diaspora is to Facebook as Mastodon is to Twitter. Diaspora also offers invite links, mine is

Another useful Mastodon tool to add to your bookmarks: It's a Reddit-like index page that shows you the most active postings it can find, as determined by number of reshares and replies, on all of the Mastodon servers that it knows about.

Just signed into Mastodon for the first time since the big Mastodon debut boom in summer of 2017. Nice refinement since then, without losing the special touch that makes Mastodon unique.

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I'm really liking the #Mastodon UI. Works perfectly well full window "column mode," and tab mode is good for window tiling and mobile browsing. πŸ‘

Mastodon is rather cool. I wonder if it will inspire other open source projects that build large communities, and would otherwise be limited to a single website? Being federated and distributed neatly solves the scaling problem, not just technical, but administrative as well (keeping out spammers, keeping out griefers, and funding for server hosting).

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My cat Mister Neffer had to be put to sleep this weekend. He was suffering from kidney failure and lost his appetite and energy, and just wasted away over the last month. His breathing became labored, then we knew it was time. I miss him deeply already. He was such a sweet cat.

I just scored 1,219,178 on The Hobbit machine by @JJPinball 08465-1 via @hobbitpinball

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I think this might be worth some sort of mini-celebration. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

"the MP3 technology became patent-free in the United States on 16 April 2017 when U.S. Patent 6,009,399, ...administered by Technicolor, expired"

Great migration tool, see which of your contacts on "the birdsite" have matching accounts on a Mastodon server:

Great instance-finding tool, see which instances are out there, and how popular they are: Also lots of pretty things under

Great remote-viewing tool, take a peek at the local timeline of a server without needing to sign up there first:

As for the debate about online music royalties, I'm glad to see this idea get traction. User-preference-based licensing, instead of site-wide licensing. Makes much more sense, puts customers more in control, and rewards artists.

I love the little icon I have, but the picture is at least 10 years old now. I now have a beard. Thinking of shaving it off, though. The beard is nice but ages me. Thoughts?

Did well at the BAPA pinball playoffs today. Got 3rd place, out of a field of 29 people.

Another nice thing about having multiple servers (instances, shards, whatever) is that it also distributes the burden of sustaining the service. If it blows up too big to pay the webhosting bill out of pocket, servers could each individually choose how to monetize. Some might inject advertising, some might charge for membership, and so on.

Without reading yet, my best guess about how Mastodon federated timeline works: Each server links to several others, and for each link, a server wanting more content lets the other side know how much spare capacity it is willing to accept, then the other side selects and sends down enough content to fill that. Repeat for other direction of link, so it is bidirectional. Nice, that way each server gets to set its own editorial policy, as to what to publish to a wider world. Right, or way off?

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