Uh, someone was very busy and successful 🏆 today.

I am a bit envious.

It seems that the hat vanishes when one logs out. I am sure this was different last Christmas season.

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I don't know what to make of this. 🤔

Seems I have got a lookalike. I hope kribble won't pretend to be kribbel and even bring me into discredit with other heroes.

Some veteran players and contributors dropped by earlier this day.

I met 🎅 south of the bridge 🌉 that connects Orril and Fado.

»[01:37] <Santa> Merry Christmas! I have a present and a hat for you. Good bye, and remember to behave if you want a present next year!«

And what was in the stocking 🎁 he gave me? 😁
»[01:37] Congratulations, you've got a mithril nugget!« Nice!

Unfortunately the hat still breaks the color of my dress.

Thinking about it, I can't remember seeing anybody wearing a hat in the past days. That's odd…

Ah, look, look! Lukano earned the Helper of Ados City Dwellers achievement earlier today.

And you know what? Yesterday he asked me if I heard anything about that achievement being broken. :-)

Phew, that was absolutely NOT a good run through Haizen's maze!

»[19:05] You used 15 minutes, 29 seconds to solve the maze. That was worth 12 points.«

But at least I found the exit this time.

Just read about election day in that far away country USA 🇺🇸. As homeowner in Ados City I wonder how long Mayor Chalmers' tenure lasts 🗓️ and when I will be allowed to vote for a new mayor.

🤔 Hm, would I like to run for office myself?


👻 💀 ⚰️ 💀 🕸️ 🕷️ 👻
🎃 Happy 🎃 ! 🎃
🦇 🕷️ 🕸️ 💀 ⚰️ 💀 🦇

I am the 11th character 🐑 to earn the 🏆 "Heretic".

This is probably one of the few achievements @istani0815 has not earned yet. ;-)

I am sailing,… 

… I am
straight to Athor 'cross the sea 🌊
I am sailing clear blue waters
to relax there, just to be

I am sailing, I am sailing
with the trough the waves
I am sailing, sunburn awaiting
pina coladas 🍹 and 🏖️ raves

Mayor Sakhs send me out the other day to kill the ❄️ legendary ice elemental on Ados Rock.

It took some time till it turned up but I finally encountered the beast earlier this day. After the long fight was over I didn't find an ice sword or an ice armor but only 😞 meagre 18 coins in the 💧 puddle its ice-cold remains had formed.

I toke some hard hits from its hooves causing some nasty bruises but no fracture. With its horn it also penetrated my armor 🛡️ once at a joint causing a shallow wound hardly worth mentioning. But in the end it stood no chance against me.

After the fight I took out my obsidian knife 🗡️ which has a blade similar to a saw and cut off the beast's horn for later use. The corpse I left behind for the 🐀rats🐀.

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Mayor Sakhs sent me out to kill a white 🦄. So I went out to roam the outskirts of Atlantis – and there it was. I held my chaos hammer 🔨 tight and ran towards it. It did not run away but opposed me in open combat.

😆 Foolish beast!

I hadn't met Rose 🌹 Leigh for weeks and months 🗓️ and yesterday I ran into her twice within less than one hour. Unfortunately I had not delivered the flower 💮 at the time of our 2nd encounter yet. 🤦‍♂️

»<Andy> Thank you so much! Now I can sleep a bit better. Please take some soup.
– kribbel earns 15000 experience points. –
<Andy> Goodbye, thank you for talking with me.«

O yeah, I can smell it. 👃 No, not Andy's soup. The scent of a rare achievement 🏆 is in the air.

Only one more to go.
Go kribbel! 🐑

»<Lovena> kribbel, you have killed a total of 162 black dragons. You have killed 162 alone and none in a group.«

So it is
🐑 Kribbel at black 🐉
162 : 1

But still no black cloak for me. 😞

»We wants it, we needs it.«

»[10:16] <Klaus> Thanks God! We finally got all material. Stay tuned. The construction will finish in no time.«
So the Mine Town Revival Weeks will take place after all. 😃

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