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I'm a recently reformed Philadelphian now living in New Zealand and I'd love to meet folks obsessed with equality, technology, music, blogging, comic books, and creating any of the above (plus, any other Kiwis!)

What are some of your favorite curated recipe and cooking websites? Like, not just a general repository like Epicurious, but something curated.

I've gone from frozen meals every night when the 5YO was first bord to cooking full on dinner for three five nights a week, and I've gotten more and more adventurous over the past few years.

Right now I am really into , whose recipes are sometimes a little overly-rich, but consistently delicious.

It's the 5YO's last day of Kiwi-equivalent kindergarten! Onto Primary School on Monday. Time moves fast, yo.

I don't think you understand the depth of my obsession with ice cream.

Like, you know how some people think about sex all the time or are obsessed with money? I am thinking about eating ice cream ALL. THE. TIME.

Hungry, not hungry, just ate ice cream 10 minutes ago... doesn't matter. I am thinking about eating ice cream.

Our amazement at getting timely, competent help over the phone has been a continuing thread since we were prepping our shipping container last year.

When do you ever look forward to calling a government office for help in the states? The answer for me is NEVER. I prefer it only slightly over a visit to the DMV!

Here, I've been on the phone with customs, the visa office, biosecurity, the national kids health program - every single one of them solved my problem cheerfully in a single go.

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There are major occupational differences to get used to here!

Work/Life balance is a part of the kiwi DNA. People DO NOT do work stuff after 5pm; even start-ups I've met avoid it.

Yet, you'd be mistaken to get a "slacker" vibe from that. You can ALWAYS get great help during work hours - I've had the national director of an org give me a callback in 10m to answer questions!

It's interesting to see how these factors are cultural on a national level and so don't need to be focused on org-by-org

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I've been in semi-serious job search mode here in Welllington for a while now. It's slim pickings at my seniority level, and there's a strong tendency to require Kiwi experience for all local jobs.

I so much want to be a part of the local tech/comms community here as I continue my career (it was a big reason for moving here!) but I'm starting to consider some remote opportunities as the process drags on.

The collection of a geographically bound group of folks onto one instance is one of the best uses of local timeline I've seen so far on Mastodon after signing up for MANY different servers to check out the local vibes.

Unlike a or server where everyone talks a fraction about those things but also a ton about everything else, a geo-based server's timeline immediately has a sense of solidarity and place to it.

(Hmm, perhaps we need a New Zealand instance...)

The Philly-centric instance being born is the best possible cure for homesickness on the one-year anniversary of arriving here in Wellington. It's everyone I love all together talking about Philly like birdsite of 10yrs ago!

Via @mikeyil: A Twitter > Mastodon Friend-Finder (not perfect, but helped me locate several that I had missed):

This is the first workout day I have deliberately skipped so far this quarter, which is a crazy thing to say (but HEALTHY, because I don't always need to do every single thing DAILY.)

I feel extra beat up today, which is partly from the gym, partly from not drinking my daily smoothie yesterday, and partly because I am in the middle of parenting solo for 2.5 days and it is full of love but mentally taxing.

In other news, I ran my fastest mile OF ALL TIME today and I would like to know if I can have my Presidential Fitness Challenge records from 1999 retroactively corrected to reflect this achievement.

I'm happy to see some familiar faces here on Mastodon who I love to see on Twitter.

The little white box on Twitter has become such a ubiquitous receptacle for me that I'm always a bit stymied as to what I ought to be saying here! (It doesn't help that I segmented my comics thoughts to the Comicspace Mastodon and then it disappeared!)

I've realized that I've given myself unofficial projects each quarter we've been in Wellington.

4Q17 I did a lot of business consulting. 1Q18 I had my daily web show and read/reviewed over a thousand comics. 2Q18 I listened to and reviewed hundreds of albums. And 3Q18 I am going to the gym five days a week.

I didn't plan it at all, but each change-of-quarter like clockwork I dropped the prior project and moved on to the next one! I guess I'm about to see how fit I can possibly get in 90 days.

I have been a bad Mastodoner. Mastodonist? Anyhow, hoping to have more of a presence this week, as I met some wonderful people with just a few days of initial tooting.

It's been a slow but positive month down here in Wellington - hard to believe it was only a month ago we had family from the states!

I've been keeping up my daily YouTube series and new comics content for Patrons, but I'm a bit stalled on other creativity at the moment.

Managed to get through editing another episode of the video show, which puts me TWO WHOLE DAYS AHEAD.

Creating daily art is a soul-draining exercise, yo. Please appreciate your favorite blogger, webcomic artist, YouTuber, etc.

Despite sometimes wishing I could just create things 24/7, it's impossible to always been producing. I'm up an hour before the rest of the house, but I just don't have any words in me right now.

I've just realized it's been a year since I've played music in front of any amount of people.

That is SUPER weird.

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