Updating React Native to the latest version (0.59->0.60) is still a very time consuming and complicated process. The main issue is that the open source libraries don't seem to be able to keep up with the breaking changes. github.com/react-native-commun

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New(ish) in the lab:
"Two Browsers Walked Into a Scrollbar" by @zachleat@twitter.com
Scrollbars are design-heavy. How do we customize them in the lightest way possible?

I added a lot of README updates to "react-native-svg-transformer" for how to replace the "fill" color of SVG images on JS side, how to do mocks with Jest, improved Typescript typings, etc.

Now it even easier to use SVG images in React Native.

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New in npm-size v1.3.0, scan dependencies in package.json from any npm package:


When using Geolocation API with React Native, you most likely want to use a combination of "react-native-geolocation-service" and "react-native-permissions" libraries.

The Geolocation module of React Native is using the older API on Android, which is slow and times out often.

Based on the code from Ionic, this is how you can turn the Geolocation API to work with Observables:

What would be the best way to wrap the Web based Geolocation API (callbacks) with RxJS?

- Callback ⇢ Promise ⇢ Observable
- Callback ⇢ Observable (?)

Or is there something that already has Geolocation as Observable?

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Just released webp-in-css 0.1.1. It is @PostCSS@twitter.com plugin and tiny JS files (just 128 bytes) to use WebP in CSS.

In this version, @Rammfall@twitter.com fixed selects with html tag support.


There is a new React Native 0.59.10 patch release that contains the JavaScriptCore fix that I mentioned in my previous tweet: github.com/facebook/react-nati

Stuff that a React Native developer needs to do sometimes. Fortunately I have a Galaxy S7 phone to test with.

An interesting blog post about a problem that many software developers are facing.

Big and small companies are using more and more open source software, but not offering much financial support for developers that are spending most of their time on developing the software.

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📜 New blog post:
"Software below the poverty line"


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Cross-platform development is awesome, but sometimes it bites us. @devhub_app@twitter.com was having huge performance issues on Android for months and I FINALLY fixed it -- it was a very small and edge behavior difference between the platforms! Here's some details: github.com/facebook/react-nati

3) In React Native, changing React component's state at the same time when an animation (Animated API) is running causes animation's frame rate to drop a lot, especially on Android. The fix is to first finish running the state update, or to first finish running the animation.

2) Caching the width/height values for window (Dimensions API) in React Native cause rendering bugs because the values often change on Android after the first render.

Some bugs / issues when doing React / React Native that might not be easy to spot in code review, but that make sense when you think about them:

1) Nesting React components + connecting the parent component with Redux can cause really bad rendering performance.

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I highly recommend to read this deck by Andrey (@sitnikcode@twitter.com) who talks about how hype and popularity drive the decision process of picking up an open source library. mobile.twitter.com/sitnikcode/

My React Native SVG transformer library was mentioned in the latest @RNNewsletter@twitter.com.

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I wrote a blog post about the incredible last week I had at ServerlessDays Helsinki and React Finland. Both were amazing events but also very different lesscodeismore.dev/react-and-s

Nice, a recent change to React Native makes the default text color black on both iOS and Android.

It has happened so many times for me that I forget to set the "color" style for a text, and then the color is black on iOS and grey on Android.


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