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With the threat of automation + global warming becoming even more of a danger, the need to create movements, infrastructure + weapons to fight with is needed now more than ever. As history shows, major changes in production lead to mass upheavals + revolt. Let’s get ready.

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#Calibrating our #climate optimism

"#Exxon and #Chevron, the world’s two largest #oil companies, plan to dramatically #increase their activity in West Texas to extract close to a million barrels of #FossilFuels per day each in the #Permian Basin by 2024, even as other companies cut back."

#UnitedNations Environments' sixth Global Environment Outlook report paints a dire picture of our planet’s future.

#ClimateCrisis #CO2

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Apple is planning on releasing the very first iCar

But they are having problems installing Windows.

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Further, this little free software experiment has shown we're more than capable of innovation and creation without profit motive

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It's time for my favorite activity of the day!

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derstanding you have implicit biases and likely commit normalisation of some micro agressions or problematic behaviour doesn't make you a bad person, people exist as a product of the social forces around them that have normative behaviors that are bad and based upon power structures. what makes you a bad person is refusing to look at you own implicit biases and how any privilege you have might cause you to cling to those. being critical of what society has taught you is radical, not flagellation

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Cuatro niños muertos en nuevo ataque saudita en #Yemen 

Los aviones de combate de la coalición saudita volvieron a atacar zonas residenciales ubicadas al noroeste del país, causando la muerte de siete civiles y ocho heridos

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Todd A. Penegor, CEO and President of the Wendy's Company, is a capitalist running dog, and his wealth must be ceased and redistributed to the people.

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tone-deaf class war article 

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Anuncian restablecimiento paulatino del servicio eléctrico en #Venezuela tras doble atentado a Hidroléctrica Simón Bolívar 

El país se mantiene en calma, autoridades y fuerzas de seguridad desplegadas en calles y avenidas para asistir al pueblo

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This passage from Zuboff's Surveillance Capitalism just got a +100 relevance bonus in the wake of the #EU #copyright vote.

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Presidente de #México, @lopezobrador_ anuncia nuevas medidas para la protección de periodistas y defensores de derechos humanos en ese país 

Del 1 de diciembre a la fecha han sido asesinados seis periodistas y sólo uno estaba bajo mecanismo de protección

Rediscovered this track doing my weekend house cleaning. Fuck Jordan Peterson, but ur house represents ur mind (imo). I like mine organized & appealing to the eye!

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US states, transphobia, SRS 

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The Republicans, Democrats, and wealthy elite will literally steal elections before they allow enough democratic socialists into congress to get anything done.

They already have all the infrastructure they need to do it.

Gerrymandered congressional districts, closed source electronic voter machines that cant be audited, felony voter disenfranchisement, long lines at polling stations that are only open limited hours, the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act, etc

For the wealthy, #OcasioCortez and other #DSA candidates are decoys to keep us focused on electoral politics and distract us from the hard work of organizing our families, friends, workplaces, and communities against the rich.

The #GreenNewDeal wont save us from climate catastrophe.

The United States of America...

"Stealing elections for the rich
since 1776"

#communist #communism #socialism #socialist #anarchist #anarchism #FOSS #BlackLivesMatter #blm

Let's get this started correct. I'm here for the agitation for the emancipation of the human race from the death cult of Capital.

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