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re-do whoops

Hi! I'm Jasper:
- non-binary/demiboy
- dropout ("just on a break" probably.)
- and .
- specifically. 🐶
-I love .
-I also love / on .
-I mostly play .
-I might still be into as well.
-Chat with me!

I love going to sleep just to wake up a little bit later
Repeatedly throughout my night

Now that I'm on a new instance I can talk about crankin' hog

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euro crew and night crew attempting to piece together yesterday's events

Scope this sickass baby pallet I found at work
I think I'm gonna turn it into a nightstand and I have a v neat idea for doing so

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More like uh
Will..... ........................ Feeton

Boss: why do you want this raise?
Me, externally: uh. Bills.
Me, internally:

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I need to ask for a raise at work but I am Terrified
I'm absolutely worth more than I'm currently getting but like? How much more? How do I be an adult?

honestly i think i'm just gonna buy a fuckton of post-rock vinyls and call it good

I keep remembering super tiny indie bands that I used to like and I keep finding vinyls for sale from them so??

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