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Jeebus, he makes these Flight stages in Spyro look like cake.

Huge fan of this neon orange and purple design.

Okay time to start a thread, run while you can

Oh my god I love your HAIR. An excellent look!

WHO’S READY FOR ANOTHER WEEK OF and a slew of people sending rude-ass tweets about ProtoMagicalGirl who need to shut the fuck up


When people ask why we need a Pride Month, I remember it’s because ignorant people like these are out there and Pride helps us remember we’re not alone and to keep fighting.

People who “squidbag” are kind of annoying…

Clam Blitz is the best mode hands down fight me

noticed I’m having a good hair day so I figured I’d share, might delete later

Is Octopath Traveler just Sense8: The Game?

Treehouse is using Animal Crossing music during the break, rubbing the salt in the wounds.

Is this a remake or a new title?

Beyond Good And Evil 2: For Exposure

My feed has some particular ideas about this scene

what on Earth is happening in Franxx