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🎉 PDF Viewer 3.1 for iOS is out! It adds a powerful text redaction tool and a convenient magic ink tool. Read more in the blog post: pdfviewer.io/blog/2018/pdf-vie

"Ninja by itself is unlikely to be useful for most projects" yet it's put everywhere.

My main question is what ninja can, that can be simply done with cmake?


Interesting that Mojave (and iOS 12) Books.app doesn't consider PDF as Books.

error: Execution was interrupted, reason: internal ObjC exception breakpoint(-5)

C++ Optional debugging. Level true or false. depends.

the scary part is that there is a logical explanation of this behavior

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World-class security specialist looking for a full-time position in the Netherlands. Looking to expand my horizons, work with a team to solve complex challenges, and make a difference by improving your security and privacy.
Resume available at skylined.nl/
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that java thing.... and scala thing... does it work yet?

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Reverse engineering of a Huawei P20 from China - Episode 2

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"If your pointer is jumpy when you use a trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse". There's a tech article about that. Still, an issue support.apple.com/en-us/HT2031

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Automate your workflow.

Meet GitHub Actions 👋
It might just change the way you work.


The only way to create appleid without an email is to create family account for a child. So this is technically possible

to create AppleID, you need an email address; then you get a @me email account that you don't need because you already have an email account. Now you can't delete the new email account. Where is the logic?

”We value diversity at our company” also ”Anywhere in US”

seriously wondering why improvements can't be implemented in CF
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Idle reminder that NSDictionary/NSMutableDictionary are quite a bit faster and more memory efficient than their CF counterparts, *even when accessed via the CF API*

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