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Use Swift they say. It's swift as swift they say. Unless it's not. It's more like a regression bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-6197

Yearly reminder: the compiler can figure out "final class" property. There is no need to be overly religious about it.

last year's resolution turns out to be unsuccessful. I bought an annual subscription it and used... once maybe. I'll never buy "New Year's something" 😅 This is my new New Year's resolution ;)

Current status: share video from iPhoneX to iPhone5 via AirDrop. After "converting" and "sending" file is saved in Photos and cannot be opened by iOS 10.x ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Swift performance nitpicks never gets old. I bope there is a solution to the problem somewhere on the agenda

Is this how you do work from cafe? I'm living by best time.

Every week, Revolut receives around 1,000 CVs from people who want to work there
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Wow @RevolutApp seems to have one of the most toxic cultures, ever?if you use the service just know you are adding to this news.efinancialcareers.com/us-

First, it offers help, then it fails, and the best is at the end, where the only option is to Cancel while there is some fake progress UI in the back.

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We have made the tough decision to retire Nuclide, our Atom-based IDE. The code will be archived and available for use at github.com/facebookarchive/nuc. See all the details on the front page of nuclide.io/.

What's that thing that triggers 💙 here @amdev@twitter.com ?

it was randomly generated string unless you can prove otherwise 😂
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The Indonesian government recently released an app for reporting people with "misguided or harmful" religious beliefs called Smart Pakem. Thought it was ironic that they chose "sup3rS3xy" for their DES key...

if you want to play along, you can grab it at apkgk.com/id.go.kejati_dki.sma

let banner = """
( o /) _/_
`. , , , , // /
(___)(_(_/_(_ //_ (__

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