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This is your infrequent reminder that this account is not active, and you should follow me at

This is your semi-regular reminder that I have moved to

This is your semi-regular reminder that I have moved to

Your regular reminder that I have moved to

Moving to @ksonney over the course of the week.

Now to figure out who to Federate with - and who not to.

Man was made with two hands so that both may be petting dogs at the same time.

The cat is demanding I grow a third right now.

I have got to figure out how to make my podcasts auto-post new episodes to Mastodon. This will be very important when I get working properly.

This week looks like the week I'll be setting up my own instance.

I just need to figure out the logistics.

Something bad happened here. I'm not clear on the details, but I'm gonna bet that:

(1) One or more people who should never have been let near a keyboard abused one or more people who didn't deserve it

(2) Assholes cried victim/repression after being called on their horrible behavior

(3) and we are back to square one in the great battle of civilized society vs free-speecher anarchists.

Lack of brands/VC won't kill Mastodon. Trolls will.

Ban them, silence them, remove them. Do not look back.

Ginny mentioned the idea of a sort of Mastodon UN a while ago—a collection of instances where one can count on civility being enforced. I like this idea.

There has to be a place on the internet where harassment is not. There have to be places policed by conscientious admins who do not allow this behavior to happen. There has to be a point where abuse is not considered a point of debate.

This is the power of Mastodon over Twitter: we don't have to wait for a company to decide people matter.

So I think I've found the perfect Android Tablet : The Asus 11" Chromebook Flip. Why?

Runs Web Apps
Runs Android Apps
Has external SSD storage
Has a laptop mode and a tablet mode
Can Dual Boot to Linux[*]

It is still a little heavier than most tablets, but frankly, so far it has out performed my Pixel C, my NVidia Sheild K1, and my Asus tablet.

[*] Does require a patched firmware and putting the chromebook in developer mode

I have a sleepy hound on my hip, and a small orange cat watching me type.

So a typical evening here.

Still no luck finding a mastodon/gnusocial client for emacs. I'm actually rather surprised.

And not skilled enough to write my own.

Hello and , everyone who's new to Mastodon, there's a CW function on these instances.

CW means Content Warning, and it's not necessarily about "bad" content.
Just things that people may not want to see constantly. Like politics, sports, spoilers to movies etc.

Feel free to apply these generously rather than not.

(note this does not apply on non-mastodon servers)

Is there a person/group working on turn-key Mastodon deployments? Because I want to beta the shit out of that.

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