once made this awesome Baroque chorale version of All Star:

For how much stop drop and roll was ingrained into me as a child, I really thought I would catch on fire more times than I have.

"if ur sad and lonely just remember there are billions of cells in your body and all they give a dam about is u" --@yaboybillnye (on birdsite)

In A.D. 2017, meme was beginning 

what happen?
somebody set up us the hashtag
we get toot
what !
main timeline turn on
it's you !!
how are you tooters
all your meme are belong to us
you are on the way to lols
what you say !!
you have no chance to survive, boost your toots
ha ha ha ha
user: admin !!
take off every emoji
you know what you doing
move emoji for great justice

It is claimed Ernest Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story that could make people cry for a bet. The wager was ten dollars, which Hemingway won with the following:'re thinking of Frankenstein's *monster*.

Compiler-directed programming really appeals to my millennial attention span. If there's no compiler error or 'undefined' in my code when I flip back from social media, how am I supposed to remember what I was working on?

Stormy clouds in the distance! I love thunder storms in New England.

I used to assume that I had never been one of those preteen girls who obsesses over a boy band, but just now I found a collection of posters and magazine cutouts about Hanson in my parents' attic. Oh, forgot about that....

This weekend I'm going through my old things (from college, high school, and even middle school) that I left in my parents' attic. Only four (out of ~ten) boxes left! What are all of you up to?

Just in case I'm overselling my home: the other day one of my friends showed me this map of Massachusetts stereotypes. I'm in "blight and basketball":

Good morning, everyone! I'm visiting my parents in the lovely Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts this weekend.

Only one suggestion for #FollowFriday -> @bobrossbot

Nice words from one of the nicest men that ever lived.

Have a peaceful night people.

Oh, by the way.

We were at 150k less than 48 hours ago.

Let's all thank Japan, shall we? And extend a warm welcome to them. We hope you enjoy Mastodon!

@GinnyMcQueen Do Disney movies count? I was listening to the Moana soundtrack yesterday.

When your handheld computer and telecommunications device is capable of storing the contents of several libraries and a map to every location on Earth by shaking hands with a satellite thousands of miles into space and becoming a bus ticket and booking you into a flight and participating in interactive monster catching augmented reality experiences, but it takes a few seconds to switch from camera to gallery and you FLIP YOUR SHI-

I like that I can't see the favorite/boost numbers.
I am not biased by the perceived popularity of a toot

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