@ktamas Though these days "bashing" #mastodon on #Twitter is sort of en vogue (which is why I ignore most of these threads), there *are* some valid points in there. Not all, but at least some.

I'm not sure these are helpful critiques.

If you post something in public, somebody might keep a copy. That's true of anything, and if anything, Mastodon will help to set that as the default expectation.

It's a harsh reality, but it's been the reality on the internet for as long as there's been a internet.

Critiques of the lead developer also feel somewhat hollow.

Go ahead and fork it.

Build your own clients with better moderation tools.

There are some fundamental limitations about how federation can ever work, and I think the developers have been _responsibly_ cautious about implementing features that could give users a false sense of security.

The things you do on Mastodon are public. That's it. Mastodon isn't a tool for private communities.

@schmod tbh there are things in that tweetstorm I don't agree with/don't know enough about to form an opinion.

but one specific thing I want to push back against the "go ahead and fork it" idea which often rubs me the wrong way: not all users are coders. Hell, most users are not coders (and they may not even want to be one). It's simply not viable option for the vast majority of people who find things they are frustrated with Mastodon.

@schmod I do agree that private communities are not really mastodon's thing, but I wonder if that might change in the future and/or some instances don't become de-facto (semi-)private instances.

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