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July - This Month in #Minetest

Last month, developers worked on releasing 5.6.0, and x2048 started work on post-processing and god rays for 5.7. MeseCraft has an important update, as well as a few interesting mods. Finally, Minetest was shown off at the exploreandlearn@LMZ edutech conference, with talks and workshops.

AntVenom, a #Minecraft YouTuber with over 3 million subs, has made a video about #Minetest. It's really well researched, and captures our spirit well

✨ New Pixelfed Live for Android release! 🚀 users can now go live, if you need help setting up live on your instance join our discord

After more than a year of development, yesterday our @Minetest server (A.E.S.) reached the first place in the public servers list. We're so so happy ❤️❤️❤️

Pixelfed Live update:

✨ New cleaner app design
⚡ Quality + resolution settings
✨ Anonymous web comments (can be disabled by streamer)
⚡ Easy account registration

The only remaining tasks are documentation and publishing the apps which should be finished by the weekend! 🚀

:thaenkin: Não sei se estar ficando bom, mas comecei um novo pacote de textura minetest, um pouco clara e limpa, pois quero que ajude a destacar as sombras , aqui uma comparação :psyduck:

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