Keyoxide: Verify your SoMe accounts & websites

To verify your common social media accounts (some of them) as well as your websites and to link them to your OpenPGP key there is now the decentralized open source solution from @keyoxide.

I personally like this approach much better than the one from Keybase and the developers are working hard to develop it further.

In practice it looks like this:

I'm looking for a library that converts Markdown to JSON (or internal lists) and back, I can't find anything. I would like to have it in Python or Shellscript, does anyone know? 🐍 💻

How can I create a real mirror repo on @codeberg and not just a copy of the repository? It doesn't work for me now and I don't know what it is, does anyone know? :unarist:
I'm trying my repo, but it's not working... what am I doing wrong? :thaenkin:

I rarely make and open an on but when I do, I always have who picks it up and usually solves "my" problem in a very short time. Hats off to these developers who make my life easier, thanks for that! 👍

OK finally 🙄 I have put my dot files as well as my helper little scripts each in a git repo and will have more security as well as easier as a freelancer at customers my work environment can be set up. But now it was really time for that... 🤷‍♂️ 🐧 💻

Already a bit older but still highly topical. Avoid <div> tags and use them only if they fulfill an essential function. This seems to have reached only a few so far: Write semantic HTML, HTML is a markup language and not a graphical design structure!

I am currently looking around, which open source or freely usable user management I can use for my. So far I have discovered UserFrosting, Admidio and Auth0. It is important to me that you can login via email or with socialmedia accounts and no I don't want to solve this via my CMS, it should be separated. What is your experience until then in this area and what can I recommend? I would like to have a user admin for customers that is separated from the CMS.

Damn it, I can't think of a website where you can check , or commands to see if one or the other browser can handle them in the corresponding version. Do you know which page I mean? I am !

Can any of you explain to me what the advantages and disadvantages of Googel's are and what alternatives you can recommend? I would like to implement a / .

From birdsite 

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