SFO ✈️ DUB. That was a short trip, but I finally went to the Academy of Sciences Museum today!

On a related note, Divinity: Original Sin II is an amazing port. Steam cross-save is a killer feature.

Caught this ominous looking shot of some tower in SF before I left. I think it's the Accenture building?

Does Microsoft have any plans to sort out the whole svchost.exe shit? Trying to see what's using all the memory on this box and here's what Googling has got me so far.

I get to hang out with Puds when I go play Gloomhaven every week. Such a friendly cat!

Flying back to Dublin after 2 and a half weeks in SF and I have all this legroom to expand into 🥳

Played some PUBG after a few days away with ridiculous hours at work. Seems to have paid dividends in chicken dinners though. New record of 4 back to back to back to back wins.

Pretty pleased with my first solo squads win. Wiped a squad of Twitch streamers to win it.

I'm pretty hyped for the No Man Sky update. I hope Sean Murray will be ok.

Ireland are one of the largest holders of US foreign debt? What?

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