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Pretty pleased with my first solo squads win. Wiped a squad of Twitch streamers to win it.

I want a 60's decor home. But I also don't want to die in a house fire.

I'm pretty hyped for the No Man Sky update. I hope Sean Murray will be ok.

Ok, apparently it's just US foreign subsidiary holdings counting as Irish. Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft alone own $200 billion of this debt.

China holds $1.2 trillion in US foreign debt. Ireland holds $300 billion. That's more than Ireland's GDP. How did this happen, and what part of international finance explains such a huge holding by such a small economy?

Ireland are one of the largest holders of US foreign debt? What?

No idea what's up with this critter BUT I LOVE IT. Got that look like "Sorry, my bad! I SAID IT WAS AN ACCIDENT CHILL"
(img src:

So happy that Croatia beat Russia. They've had a suspiciously easy route this far, and wouldn't be the first time FIFA have deliberately done this for the hosts. Platini admitted they rigged it for France to avoid Brazil intil the final in 1998.

2.0 is now available to everybody on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! Fdroid will hopefully follow soon.

Read the full changelog here:

Currently getting more familiar with Maven than I'd like. It seems to take a lot to fit it into standard patterns with Docker :(

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