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Is Snowden on the Fediverse, or is that a stupid question?

The fact that we've all agreed to dedicate this day to Earth, Wind & Fire's mastery of groove is one of the rare truly beautiful things about the internet.

Is calling someone "fond of the drink" a euphemism for alcoholic in the US, or is it a just UK and Irish thing?

Is the EU trolling the UK?

The EU have nominated their new Trade Commissioner, it's Phil Hogan, from *Ireland*. Mr. Hogan will be responsible for negotiating any future trade deals between the EU and the UK (assuming Brexit happens).

Regarding future negotiations he re-iterated to-day the EU stance that nothing can proceed until the UK accepts the obligations in the Withdrawal Agreement.

#Ireland #UK #EU #Brexit

I made a very incomplete API client for the 'Monica Personal Relationships Manager' ( to help with imports. Have fun fellow nerds.
Next step is writing a script for CLI management and bulk data entry.
(cc @drwho )

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I recently learned that New Zealand have expanded the range of indicators for how they measure their country's success. It's not just about the economy any more.

It's about current wellbeing, future wellbeing and their impact on other countries. That covers a huge range of stuff, including biodiversity, life expectancy, literacy, greenhouse gas emissions...everything from fish stocks to child poverty.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Feminists have long said that GDP is a patriarchal measure because it ignores the value of women's unpaid work. It's also useless in so many other ways. Well done to New Zealand for coming up with a better way of measuring how your country is doing.

They're not the only country doing this, but they're one of very few trailblazers.

On a related note, Divinity: Original Sin II is an amazing port. Steam cross-save is a killer feature.

Ugh, I have two sets of joy-cons, both of them have developed the dreaded "drift" on the left hand one in the last two weeks. How does the US and its weak consumer protection have free replacements, but in the EU I'm fucked because I can't find my receipt? :thonking:

*looks at google street view* nice myst III clone, asshole

Saw Grandmaster Flash live at a festival today. He'd just play 10 seconds of a song, stop the song and then yell at us to put our hands in the air before he'd play another 10 seconds of music.

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

gamers hate lgbt rights but love rgb lights...

Looks like Poetry is in great shape now. I've swapped it into one project so far and pleased with the decisions they made on it, better than pipenv for sure.

Watching the final game of a 96 game series in the PUBG European League. The top 4 teams can all still win it, which is crazy over such a long season.

Caught this ominous looking shot of some tower in SF before I left. I think it's the Accenture building?

Tooting from a plane. Wishing the copy of the Ulysses cut of Waterworld had successfully downloaded to my laptop last night.

DUB ✈️ SFO - I've got a 3am start tomorrow, doing our yearly failover to our disaster recovery site. Hoping to lean into my jetlag so my brain thinks it's actually 11am...

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